Can the land mafia in Dehradun thrive without political and administrative support?  

Victims of violence by the land mafia in Dehradun are concerned about a deep nexus between the land mafia and the politicians of the State thereby driving the administration to follow the instructions of the land mafia blindly.   

Locals are questioning how Pankaj Aggarwal and Bansal of Muzaffarnagar, being described as the face of the Aggarwal land mafia in Dehradun, is getting protection from the local police?  Locals are also asking who are the political weights behind the Dehradun Aggarwal land mafia?

The main areas where the land mafia is very aggressive, and tormenting senior citizens, single mothers, women and educated and service class people are in Sahahspur, Dharampur, Rajpur, Race Course Road, Dehradun Cantt and Raipur.

It seems that Pankaj Aggarwal is a close relative of Dinesh Aggarwal, the Congress candidate for the post of Mayor from Dehradun. His involvement in the illegal settlements of colonies in Dharampur area was an election issue during the Uttarakhand Assembly (vidhan sabha) elections.

Locals and Garwalis are strongly against Dinesh Aggarwal for disturbing the law and order of Dharampur by settling illegal colonies in Dharampur by people of Muzaffarnagar.  Crime has increased in these areas and the police have been refraining from filing FIRs in most cases and disposing off complaints without proper recording. Most of the complaints filed are by non-influential commoners.   Most often locals state that the police have been in close nexus with influential real estate agents and builders comprising of a very criminal land mafia in Dehradun.

Is Dinesh Aggarwal the political weight behind the Aggarwal land mafia? How has Pankaj Aggarwal acquired land for his project Pinnacle Residency on Rajpur Road?  Why has MDDA not taken into consideration the gross violations regarding basement and set backs in such a prominent location?

Who else is a part of the Aggarwal land mafia? Are the mobs that are fed by Pankaj Aggarwal being housed in the illegal colonies (bastis) of Dharampur?  What is the nexus between Pritam Singh, PCC of Uttarakhand and Pankaj Aggarwal? Is Dinesh Aggarwal the mastermind behind the criminal land mafia in Dehradun?  Is Dinesh Aggarwal’s aspiration to become mayor his aspiration to give a free reign to the Aggarwal land mafia in Dehradun? Will all the rivers now be given to Pankaj Aggarwal and Bansal of Muzaffarnagar?  Will the police be helping the Aggarwals dispossess innocent people from their properties to hand it over easily to the land mafia?

Why should such a corrupt criminal minded land mafia don be elected as the Mayor?

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